Lornetiques offers you affordable, sustainable and tastefully sourced antique and recycled jewellery. Our intention is to be kind to our world through recycling and to be kind to your pocket by allowing gold jewellery to be accessible and affordable with exciting and unique design styles that aren't offered widely today. Gone are the days where you have to wait for an occasion to wear or to be bought fine jewellery. 

Having a collection of Once-Off items fits well with Lorne's character, each piece of jewellery is personally and professionally sourced. By revamping and reselling, we bring you beautifully crafted and substantial gold jewellery at a portion of the price of new.

Legal & ethical trade.

Fine jewellery, South Africa. Jewellery Cape Town. Engagement rings, South Africa.

Turn your dream engagement ring into a reality with Lorne. We are ready to collaborate with you, bringing your unique jewellery vision to life. From crafting bespoke engagement rings to revitalizing heirloom pieces, we offer exceptional designs using exquisite gemstones and precious metals. Discover the possibilities today by getting in touch via for@lorne.co.za.

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