Lorne [Pronounced "Lawn"] is the jewellery label of designer Gillian Lawrence, based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Lorne recognises that all people are unique and believes the things that adorn our bodies should be too. The label's diversity, originality and its distinctive style have established a lasting and recognisable aesthetic
The label's diversity ensures that creativity is never lacking. Lorne has been featured in editorials both nationally and internationally and initially gained recognition through large sculptural and daring editorial jewellery pieces. The label also functions through small batch, hand-made seasonal collections where the choice of designs are abundant and inspired.
To add yet another layer of enjoyment Lorne brings you LorneTiques ["Lawn" "Tiques"] in which we buy, sell, renew, recycle, re-home and re-love used gold jewellery. LorneTiques promotes sustainability, affordability and design variety.
LorneTiques offers you tastefully sourced gold jewellery at a tiny portion of the price you'd pay new.
Get in touch if you have used gold to sell to us or use towards store credit.
For custom design please contact us at for@lorne.co.za