Modern Jewellery

A co-existance between body & art

Mad About The Pearl?

Jewellery Roll


Wild Flower

Our Wild Flowers are representative of female complexities. A mixture of  intricate, daring and abstract design, showing off elegance and strength

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Inner Urge

Highly polished and reflective charm hoops. Although each charm is different, this set hold a harmonious and balanced feel.

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Two-Piece Charm Earrings

This beautiful Mona Lisa - esque image is showing off the Dido earrings. These are a two - part earring made in sterling silver. The front stud connects to the 'charm' making the earring bigger. Wear it without the charm for a dressed down look. You can also add the charm piece to any other pin earrings you might have at home. We love to enable the idea of experimenting.

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Shoot Pieces