Lorne is a multi-faceted jewellery design studio specialising in original small-batch handmade collections, gold jewellery, Lornetique antique and recycled jewellery, as well as editorial jewellery.

The label's diversity, originality and its distinctive style have established a lasting and recognisable aesthetic.

Handmade in-house at our Cape Town workshop

  • 厂商:
    L O R N E

    Maya, Solitaire Pearl Earring

    常规价格 R 450.00 ZAR
    常规价格 R 525.00 ZAR 促销价 R 450.00 ZAR
    Maya, Solitaire Pearl EarringMaya, Solitaire Pearl Earring
  • 厂商:
    L O R N E

    Tourmaline Earrings

    常规价格 R 450.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 450.00 ZAR
    Tourmaline EarringsTourmaline Earrings
  • 厂商:
    L O R N E

    Pod Earrings

    常规价格 来自 R 480.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 来自 R 480.00 ZAR
    Pod EarringsPod Earrings
  • 厂商:
    L O R N E

    LORNE Hoop

    常规价格 R 530.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 530.00 ZAR
    LORNE HoopLORNE Hoop
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  • Rope Chain

    常规价格 R 600.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 600.00 ZAR
    Rope ChainRope Chain
  • 9ct Gold Dice Chain

    常规价格 R 1,800.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 1,800.00 ZAR
    9ct Gold Dice Chain9ct Gold Dice Chain
  • Citrine Necklace

    常规价格 R 1,150.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 1,150.00 ZAR
    Citrine NecklaceCitrine Necklace
  • 9ct Gold Sweet Chain

    常规价格 R 2,040.00 ZAR
    常规价格 促销价 R 2,040.00 ZAR
    9ct Gold Sweet Chain9ct Gold Sweet Chain
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  • Lorne Jewellery. Beauty shoot by and in collaboration with Pieter de Jager, Dominique de Lange, Yasmin Schrueder and Vera Smit
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  • Glace

    常规价格 来自 R 380.00 ZAR
    常规价格 R 490.00 ZAR 促销价 来自 R 380.00 ZAR
  • 9ct. Gold, Colourful Heart Ring

    常规价格 R 2,099.00 ZAR
    常规价格 R 2,500.00 ZAR 促销价 R 2,099.00 ZAR
    9ct. Gold, Colourful Heart Ring9ct. Gold, Colourful Heart Ring
  • Climbing Rose

    常规价格 来自 R 399.00 ZAR
    常规价格 R 560.00 ZAR 促销价 来自 R 399.00 ZAR
    Climbing RoseClimbing Rose
  • Dawn

    常规价格 R 580.00 ZAR
    常规价格 R 750.00 ZAR 促销价 R 580.00 ZAR
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