Lorne [Pronounced "Lawn"] is the jewellery label of designer Gillian Lawrence, based in Cape Town, South Africa. At Lorne Jewellery, we're passionate about jewellery that's not just an accessory, but a celebration of you. Our designs proudly adorn your life's moments, mirroring your unique style and celebrating your life's accomplishments. We're dedicated to making you feel courageous, confident, and utterly proud of your journey. You've achieved so much, and you continue to seize every moment. Let the jewellery you choose echo this celebration of you. Explore our collection and discover pieces that empower and adorn you, ensuring every moment is nothing short of extraordinary.  Our designs are an expression of the profound relationship that we have with our craft, where every piece feels special and significant. 

We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of distinctive jewellery styles that have become the hallmark of our brand. Every piece is crafted by our small team of skilled artisans in our Cape Town jewellery workshop. We believe in authenticity, originality, and quality, and our label embodies these values in every facet of our business, from design to production to customer service.


Dive deeper into the world of Lorne and discover LorneTiques, a new way to enjoy sustainable, affordable, and diverse jewellery designs. As part of our commitment to sustainability, LorneTiques offers a carefully curated selection of pre-owned and renewed gold jewellery pieces. By renewing and recycling these old pieces, we offer you unique designs at a fraction of the cost of buying new while promoting sustainability in the jewellery industry. Every piece in the collection is tastefully sourced and carefully selected for maximum aesthetic value and quality. With LorneTiques, you can enjoy stunning gold jewellery designs that have been re-homed and re-loved, adding a layer of history and unique character to your jewellery collection. It's time to fall in love with sustainable fashion, and LorneTiques invites you to do so with style, affordability, and unique design options.
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Turn your dream engagement ring into a reality with Lorne. We are ready to collaborate with you, bringing your unique jewellery vision to life. From crafting bespoke engagement rings to revitalizing heirloom pieces, we offer exceptional designs using exquisite gemstones and precious metals. Discover the possibilities today by getting in touch via for@lorne.co.za.

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