Lorne is a multi-faceted jewellery design studio specialising in original collections, Lornetique antique and second-hand jewellery, as well as editorial and show piece jewellery.

The label's diversity, originality and its distinctive style have established a lasting and recognisable aesthetic.


9ct Gold, Natural Sapphire Ring. Valued at R7000
  • Wild Flower Earrings

    The Wild Flower Earrings are one of our best sellers. They are representative of female complexities. A mixture of  intricate, daring and abstract design. These unique and totally origional earrings show off elegance and strength while fitting well into the balance of your silhouette.

  • Riverine

    Riverine paired with charm.

    This beautiful set of statement earrings embody both a tranquel and fierce character. Soft river side and water ripple lines are exagerated by the polished dropplet charm feature. Demandingly eye catching.

  • Inner Urge

    Best Seller: Highly polished and reflective charm hoops. Although each charm is different this set hold a harmonious and balanced feel. Available in Silver.

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As you've noticed, we love a Saharan gold tone. However we also love an Antarctic white achromatic.

Lorne earrings are available in 925 Sterling Silver 


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