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Shoot Pieces

Lorne Wild Flower Earrings. Intricate, daring and abstract design. Showing off elegance and power

Wild Flower

Our Wild Flowers are representative of female complexities. A mixture of  intricate, daring and abstract design, showing off elegance and strength

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Hoop & Detachable Chain

We've come up with something pretty great. A selection of earrings now come with detachable chain. This chain is 24ct gold plated sterling and can be worn with ANY of our earrings or your private home collection. Basically you get two earrings in one . Great for layering if you have multiple piercings, just hook and let dangle.

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Mix Packs

Derived through seeing the card as a canvas. You can too? Send us a scribble for a customized card of ear candies.

Quotes take up to 24hrs

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