Caring For Your Jewellery

Our Jewellery is made using solid gold, 925 sterling silver and 9ct. gold plated sterling silver or brass. We use 9ct. gold plating for its milder yellow colour. If not gold, all pins and butterflies are 925 sterling silver and are hypoallergenic. 
As with washing your clothes, jewellery thrives off the occasional TLC treatment. To keep your pieces looking new, we supply polishing cloths with all orders and recommend wiping your jewellery whenever you feel it could do with a little shining. Wipe clean with a tissue after polishing. Do not use the polishing cloth on newly plated pieces. Alternately, contact us for a professional in-house clean.
We double dip our pieces in 9ct. gold plating solution. However, gold plating is a surface treatment and will fade over time. Please feel free to contact us should you like your piece re-dipped.
It's always a good habit to keep your jewellery dry and store your jewellery separately from one another. Use the Lorne boxes provided with your purchase as a storage option.
Should you have any questions please contact us at