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Obround Swing Earrings

Obround Swing Earrings

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Minimalist dangling earrings.

Handmade from 925 sterling silver, these earrings possess a weightiness that enhances the graceful swing of the product. 

Day-to-Night Comfort: You'll find that these earrings are comfortable to wear from day to night. Their thoughtful design ensures that you can enjoy them without any discomfort.

Reflective Polish: The polished surface of the earrings is strikingly reflective, imbuing them with a lively and bouncy feel. They capture and play with light.

Perfect for Layering: These earrings are perfect for those with multiple piercings, as they layer effortlessly to create a personalized and fashionable ensemble.


Every order is meticulously gift-wrapped, enhancing the joy of receiving. For an extra layer of luxury during the unboxing experience, consider selecting our "Add Velvet Earring Box" option.

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